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A downloadable game for Windows

In speed is life, you play a survivor in armor on an arid planet. You armor keep you warm if you are sprinting but will overheated after a few seconds if you sprint for too long. 

You have 3 ways to cool your armor:

-Kill and enemi

-Go into water 

-Stop sprinting

If an enemi hit you will first lost your sprint and if you are hit will your not running , you die.

If you are not sprinting you will die after a few seconds of hypothermia. The sprint cost you energy. You can recover your energi by dodging enemies/projectiles or by kicking the enemi. You can kill the enemies by kicking them when running or by sliding on them when sprinting

The game is only playable with a controller.


Right stick ==> Aim

Right Trigger ==> Slide when sprinting / Kick when running

right button ==> Roll

Left trigger ==> Stop sprinting when sprinting / Sprinting when running

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Published 3 days ago
Tags3D, Runner

Install instructions

Unzip the file , launch the application and plug your joystick !


SpeedIsLife.7z (14 MB)